Whole House

Whole House is a house full of contradictions: a house with large ideas on a small garage site. A house with no windows that is flooded with light. A unique house for a speculative developer client.

Our client for Whole House wished to maximise the development potential of this unloved garage site in south London. Bounded by back gardens to Victorian and inter-war housing and a super-sized 1990s mews development, Whole House is a 92m2 house organised around a central courtyard: an exemplar for back-land, urban living.

The entrance to the house sits in a wide, deep reveal on the front elevation accessed via a large sliding gate. A smaller gate in the same design provides access to the bin store and adds to the ‘thick’ composition of this small domestic elevation.

The circulation and day-lighting strategies were developed together to create a long, light and delightful picturesque promenade: a device to provide views to the sky, surrounding roofs and tree-tops.

Walking around the central courtyard provides views in each direction and an abstract visual connection to the site’s environs. As the stair wraps from bottom to top the scale of the stair varies to provide a faster pace, a slower pace, a wider stair or a narrower stair that reflect the level of implied privacy and openness.

Contract Value:
Design Team:
Nick HayhurstJonathan NichollsAmy WaiteJess LyonsBronya Meredith
Structural Engineer:
Toynbee Associates
Rebuild (London) Ltd.
Marcus PeelKilian O’Sullivan